Taylor Hayward
UX Designer

I have been working with clients around the Boston area since 1993 creating great software, web, and mobile experiences. Since I was very young I was pushing the limits of my design skills by entering and winning regional design contests.

In the beginning of my career I was designing compelling user interfaces for client server applications. Over time, as the web matured so did my UX skill set. In 2000 and 2001 I studied graphic design at The Museum School, and Software Usability at Harvard Extension School. From there my techniques and skills expanded into many different areas of UX design. I not only started performing dozens of formal usability studies for clients, I started to develop my own methodologies for conducting user research during the discovery phase of the design process.

Through the use of my excellent analytical ability and novel new research approaches, I've started creating interfaces for clients that have resulted in large revenue gains for clients and best of breed solutions for users.

I'm passionate about design. Interfaces should be easy to use, and I help companies find out what their users need before heading down the design process. I have a strong eye for detail and get great results. I look forward to working with you.