Hello I’m Taylor Hayward

I’m a UX designer who provides exceptional product results.

Providing design solutions for 20+ years to…

Case Studies

Vista Higher Learning:
Dashboard and Navigation Redesign

Totally revamp the look, feel, and layout of the navigation and dashboard UI for their flagship product.

Validity: CRM
Trust Assesment

Design a CRM administration tool to monitor and maintain the quality of their data.

Modernized Captcha

Design a human verification product that’s easier use and more secure.

Veracode: CRM
Trust Assesment

Provide a way for CRM administrators to monitor the quality of their data and clean it.

Advanced Talent Communication

Improve the fill rate on recruitment orders by speeding up th process of reaching out to talent.

Deep Green

Design the UI for an advanced predictive battle planning system.

Design Process

Refined methodologies insure quality through thorough examination of the problem and pulling on all resources to produce the best solution.

Steps that I follow to achieve exceptional results.

What I Do

UX Design

I pride myself on my ability to come up with top quality designs on a wide variety of projects. I’ve learned a lot of different skills that help me see ways to tackle design problems that may not be obvious.

UX Research

I have a passion for understanding users and how they think. I like to leverage my experience with technology, people, and design to craft questions that get to the heart of the problem. I’ve given well-received talks on several of the research approaches I’ve created.

Product Design

Outside of just creating great user experiences for products, I have a knack for knowing what will, and won’t sell in the marketplace. This allows me to better collaborate with product managers and help contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate, connect, or just have a chat.

(617) 697-2201


Cambridge, Massachusetts United States